MorbidFrog (morbidfrog) wrote in thelondonthing,

Ghost Walk tonight

The Vampyre Connexion presents: GHOSTS OF THE OLD CITY  WALK
Tuesday 27th March 2007 @ 7.30pm
For those only interested in this walk meet the rest of us at St. Paul's Tube exit 2 at 7.30 pm.
This walk is a public one and we will be joining the general tours, the Walk is £6 to be paid to the guide.
At night the ancient City is deserted...and eerie. Exploring its shadowy back streets and dimly lit alleys we might be in a medieval citadel, in overpowering stone. The very street names - Aldersgate, Cloth Fair, Charterhouse, Threadneedle - take us far back. We're alone...or are we? For this is the hour when the She Wolf of France glides through the churchyard, the hour when the dark figure on Newgate wall rattles his chains, the hour when the Black Nun keeps her lonely vigil, and something inexpressibly evil lurks behind a tiny window. We're on their trail...or are they shadowing us?
For those interested in meeting before and like quite a few of us wanting to go straight from work and get some drinks and food,
From 6pm we will be in this pub before making our way to the tube station later for the walk.
Ye Olde London (used to be Bells Books and Candles)
42, Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7DE
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