Uhoff (uhoff) wrote in thelondonthing,

London, Camden, THE OLIGARCHS

Just a few facts for you to know -

1. They are Russians, and the most popular russian hip hop band on myspace.

2. They're rapping in English.

3. They are living and recording in London.

4. They are sponsored by Abramovich (a Chelsea FC owner) as rumoured.

5. They are used to send your country russian oil.

6. Track Made In USSR contains a sample from Russian National anthem along with the famous russian announcer Kirillov's voice sample.

7. Track MODEL GIRLFRIEND is about a having sex with models.

8. They are the authors of new CHELSEA FC hymn called FOOTBALL.

9. They are funny and intelligent.

10. THEY ARE HERE: http://www.myspace.com/theoligarchs
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