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Saw 'Clubbed' the other night at the Prince Charles. It was a good but it was not a 'movie' it was a flm. Violence was present but not glamourised nor were the characters-well not too much anyway.

Based on the book: 'Watch my Back'; a biographical work Geoff Thompson who became a bouncer (or rather doorman) following depression & separation from is wife and children. Not quite as weepy as it sounds. Even though A lot of the story does deal with the main character's depresion & his hapless attempts to be a proper father to his children by making up for absence on weeked visits. It is a story about a man overcoming his own fears and powerlessness. And this is a theme that persists throughout the film.

There was damn-all sex which wont get the film an Oscar nomination. The '80's ska scene give the film a distinctive feel: retro blending seamlesly with the '80s recession in the UK. The script, photography, directing and acting does credit to the mean streets of England in the '80s but there's little glamour here. Unlike many of the blockbusters it's not a world one wishes to imagine inhabiting. When the script first attracted backers they were interested in making it a documentary. A little too close to home and too real for 'Merchant of Ivory'.   
Just remembered some of things I said about 'Clubbed' a conversation I had on the way home after watching the film. 
'Doormen' at thier best aspire to be samurai. I'm not suggesting that the guys on the doors of clubs have the sort of skils that would earn them the title of Kensai(sword saint: a sort of spiritual-superhero-martial-artist). This point is raisd in the film. One of the characters in film tried ot apply philosophy to his craft. And it is true that guys who are often violent or drawn towards violence do this sort of work in order to find thier  place in society. I've talked to doormen before and many of them are into philosophy & martial arts & spirituality. Mind you some of them just like to thump your nose and give your honey a squeeze.
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